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We apologize for being away for so long, it's been a difficult time for most of us, With that being said, in hopes that you accept our apology, we've decided to rebuild many of our media platforms.

'StashBox' a playlist series originally designed exclusively for Spotify, launches its debut two part mix February 20th. After much thought, we've also decided the playlist will now be available on all platforms. The eclectic playlist series contains various releases from a range of artists compiled together creating a story.

On YouTube GVNG has added, GVNG TV and RADIO public playlists sharing the title "StashBox". All playlists across all platforms will share the name and be used to discover and promote dope music and lit artists. In addition, a 'Talent Spotlight" section has been added to shed light on some of our favourite creatives and their releases via YouTube.

We will also be carrying 'StashBox' (PL) to new platforms such as Audius and old platforms such as SoundCloud and Audiomack. We're looking forward to this action, we hope you are as well.

Content may vary depending on platform.

Currently, we are NOT accepting submission for 'StashBox' (PL), all content is discovered in-house.


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