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GVNG has been trusted to scout for talented potential host candidates to share their live moments with followers and supporters on the popular live-streaming app BigoLive. 


GVNG AO. focuses on-boarding and networking various entertainers like celebrities, social media personalities, comedians, musicians, stylists, make-up artists, dancers, actors, actresses etc. specializing in comedy, drama, and music. We encourage our talent to thrive off producing and performing eye catching content.




GVNG AO. has created and provided an environment helping to foster, develop, and maintain optimal talent required to address our challenges as defined in corporate strategy.

This agency is not responsible or liable for any negative actions pertaining any of the broadcasters; as they are solely responsible and liable for their own content. 

We abide by the Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 and any other federal law that prohibits discrimination due to age, race, gender, color, origin, or any other federal law.

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